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JN One

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JN ONE - A Legendary Pairing

Jack Nicklaus Signature Model One is truly revolutionary in design and technology.  You've never seen any sunglasses like Jack's Model One before.  Weighing in at an unheard of 17 grams, Model One is produced from Ultematter™; PeakVision's revolutionary new "Titanium Plastic" matrix that enables weightless frame design coupled with strength and durability.

With generously sized lens coverage, JN Model One sunglasses are equipped with PEAKVISION’s proprietary Zero-Distortion optics featuring patented Dual-Zone lens technology to deliver the clearest, sharpest vision in both lighting extremes; the bright sky versus the darker turf and terrain below the horizon.

    º Dual-Zone HYBRID Optics
    º 20%t Neutral-Gray Upper Zone Manages Glare
    º 60%t Amber Lower Zone Increases Contrast
    º 52 abbe Value for sunglasses with Zero-Distortion clarity comparable to Crown Glass
    º Impact-Resistant Safety
    º Anti-Reflective Backside Coating
    º Super-Hydrophobic Coating
    º Oleophobic Smudge-Resistant Coating
    º 100% UV400 Protection

Overall Width:  135 mm    Eye Size: 61   42    Bridge: 14    Temple: 140
JN One.01 Matte Black finish includes Golden Bear Microfiber Pouch

JN One.04 Glosss Black finish includes Golden Bear Microfiber Pouch

JN One.05 Matte Tortoise finish includes Golden Bear Microfiber Pouch

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